How to Make Custom-Fit Bras

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This class takes you through the process of first creating a bra sloper that shows the shape of a woman's body from above the bust to the rib cage. It then shows how to convert this sloper into specific bra designs.

The class uses an eBook as the text, videos that show the entire process from patternmaking to sewing, a forum for asking questions and discussing issues, a once a week chat for asking questions and talking to fellow students, and a database where you can download photos of your work in progress for help, comments, and critiques.

The length of the videos for each week is shown below. To keep up with the content, plan on spending approximately two hours a week to view the videos and do the work during the first four weeks. Once you are ready to make a bra, the construction process should take you about half a day.

Enrollment: Open for Independent Studies
Week One: Underwires and Bust Slings   (Videos: 10 min)
Week Two: Making a Bra Sloper Mold   (Videos: 17 min)
Week Three: From Mold to Sloper Pattern   (Videos: 30 min)
Week Four: Designing a Bra   (Videos: 26 min)
Week Five: From Design to Reality -- The Construction   (Videos: 37 min)
Price for Course: $50.00 USD
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Required Text: How to Make Custom-Fit Bras   (Price: $25.00 USD)
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